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Getting involved

October 25, 2009

I went in to see the local Friends of the Earth group last week, to meet some people and to get involved with protecting the local environment. It was on my mind last year, but for whatever reasons it’s taken me this long to actually go into the office. But it’s time to put my money (or time) where my mouth is.

So, I got back in touch with the lady in charge and she invited me to pop by to say ‘hello’ at a sustainability fair held near Plaza España a few weeks ago. This I did, and then went in on Thursday to find out a bit more and how to volunteer.

Local programmes

The group works a lot with local schools and develops educational programmes on topics ranging from climate change to GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In fact, it was thanks to the Amics de la Terra and its discussions with the local government that Mallorca has been declared a GMO-free zone.

Other key projects include encouraging individual actions (such as encouraging shop owners to stop using plastic bags) to larger schemes such as reforestation work at a nearby finca.

Enjoy the countryside? Help to protect it!

I’m excited about getting involved and have tried to convince my boyfriend too. He’s going to need a bit of work though; not because he’s opposed to changing habits but because I think he thinks of it all as being bit tree-huggy.

It’s absolutely not (well, maybe a bit as compared to, say, driving a Hummer); it’s about everyone mucking in to preserve the environment and help people to understand why it’s important. After all, we like hiking and climbing and enjoying the countryside – we all need to play our part in protecting it.

Find a local group

The Friends of the Earth has local groups in nearly 80 countries worldwide. However, they’re not always a translation of  ‘Friends of the Earth’, so it might take a bit of searching. There are probably also plenty of locally specific groups, so have a search around and see if there’s one you’d like to help with.

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