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An eco-friendly, sanitary alternative

November 12, 2009

Okay, I admit I felt a bit embarrassed about writing this post. But then I gave myself a sharp talking to and told me to stop being so daft. I want to tell you about the Mooncup.

Let’s face it, if you’re female, periods are an unavoidable topic at some stage in your life. For many, it’s lots of stages for a significant part of their existence! They’re a fact of life but still there’s a bit of a taboo about the whole thing.

Change is a good thing!

So, the thought of changing from tampons or pads to a more environmentally friendly alternative might be making some of you uncomfortable already (or even talking about this subject). Get a grip!

Things change, technology advances. So why shouldn’t you consider a new idea? After all, at some stage, tampons were the new idea. Look how that took off (and imagine trying to explain those at the time).

A purse- and Earth-friendly alternative

Apparently, ‘on average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea’. Or put another way, that’s ‘4.3 billion disposable sanitary products used every year’ in the UK alone.

That’s a lot of waste and a lot of cash. And think of the resources and energy required to make all of those tampons and pads.  So it’s definitely time for something new.

The Mooncup is basically a silicone cup that calls itself ‘a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative’. It’s also economical when you consider that you only need one (whatever your flow), and it ‘lasts for years and years’.

As well as being made in the UK from medical grade silicone by a multi-award winning ethical business, the Mooncup is latex-free and contains no dyes, toxins or bleaches. There are lots more reasons on its website.

And the verdict is…

Okay, you’re asking, if you’re so sure about it, put your money where your mouth is (err, so to speak). Well, I did. I bought one more than a year and a half ago from a local health food shop (but you can also buy them in Boots – see, they’re normal!).

However, I only started using it two months ago. Why? Well, mostly because I’m lazy and just didn’t get round to it. Now I have, I really should’ve tried it sooner.

Yes, you do need to get the hang of it (which doesn’t take long), but it’s much the same as you had to get used to tampons. Plus, I reckon some people might find it a bit ‘icky’.

Take a balanced view!

But just in case you didn’t hear me the first time, get a grip! The environmental and health benefits of the Mooncup far outweigh any oversensitivities the average woman might have about her body.

Even if I haven’t convinced you yet, read the Mooncup website, then go out and buy one (or order it online). Even if it sits in the cupboard for a few months before you get round to trying it, at least you’ve made the first step.

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