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This is a growing list of books that I’ve read, sites I’ve visited and things that I’ve found, covering things ranging from a green lifestyle to home building – anything related to thinking about how you can change your actions in a positive way.


  • It’s not easy being green: An aspirational book based on the BBC TV series (not available on DVD, sadly). Very readable and motivating, with plenty of suggestions that don’t involve selling up and moving to Cornwall (which wouldn’t be a bad thing, of course!).

General websites

Online stores

  • Wiggly Wigglers ( Lots of things, from locally grown mail order flowers and things for the home through to wormeries (hence the ‘Wiggly’!) and garden plants.
  • Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) ecoSTORE ( A great website full of lots of useful and educational goodies, from homeware and toys to gadgets and ‘how to’ books.
  • Mooncup ( Find out about (and buy online) the Mooncup, ‘a silicone menstrual cup designed by women to be a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads’. Don’t be daft about it, take a read.


  • Howies ( Funky, high quality and hard wearing clothing from a company based in Wales. It’s trying to reduce the effects that its products have on both the environment and the community.
  • Lowie ( Girly, handmade woollen accessories (as well as other clothing) with a strong ethical stance. It uses this to justify its high prices but it has some affordable items in its ‘Specials’.
  • Patagonia ( Good quality outdoor clothing, with an ethical supply chain and main items recyclable as well as using recycled materials.
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